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This is a blog dedicated to anything sex related; from rough to sensual. I am currently on my way to becoming a marriage counselor/sex therapist. I am happy to give advice to anyone who needs it. You can also submit your sexiest secrets on here if you'd like. All submissions and questions will be anonymous unless I am told otherwise. Have fun ;)

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I really, really love it when my man fucks me from behind (I'm female, btw), but sometimes when we really get into it, it hurts my hips, big time. I'm not sure why...would you happen to know what causes that?
Thanks :))
PS - LOVE your blog ;)"

Asked by Anonymous

Do your hips hurt during sex or after?  This is most likely caused by depth, if your man is going into you too deep.  Instead of having his legs inside of yours during doggie, put yours outside of his (this position is also better on your knees since your legs are spred out more).  This will give you the same slamming action while reducing the depth (AKA same pleasure less pain).  Good luck!