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This is a blog dedicated to anything sex related; from rough to sensual. I am currently on my way to becoming a marriage counselor/sex therapist. I am happy to give advice to anyone who needs it. You can also submit your sexiest secrets on here if you'd like. All submissions and questions will be anonymous unless I am told otherwise. Have fun ;)

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"Sounded like one hell of a night ;)

Least you know your job will never get boring!!!"

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ohh it was!

And yes I love my job!

"If it can be asked, What is your wildest sexual experience so far? And how long does it take to train to become a sex therapist?"

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Yes it can be asked, you all share your experiences with me so I am happy to do the same.  I’d say it was about a year ago when my man and I were out for the night and we were both pretty turned on.  We were in a formal restaraunt with friends so we couldnt do anything about it but we did tease each other for hours until we got home.  I’ve never been fucked that hard in my entire life, I literally couldn’t get out of bed the next morning.  I’m not sure if that’s the wildest (because I like some kinky stuff) but it was the best sex I’ve had.

Becoming a sex therapist all depends on how formal you want to be.  There are some who do it in forms of yoga type settings (teaching positions/hands on teaching in groups) and others are in an office setting working with couples individually.  I personally am self-employed and run my own business, if you are going to be hired by someone they may want a few years of experience from you.  Either way, you need to have full knowledge on all sex topics/issues (however long this takes varies with each person).  For me I’d say it took me about 2-3 years before I thought I was prepared well enough.

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To anyone looking for advice,

You can either submit it anonymously, or anyone who does not use anonymous, I will not publish your question but I will answer it to you privately so it would be a better method for conversation in case you have any pending concerns.  I will not share your information with anybody.

"I'm 20 but I still haven't had an orgasm yet. With masturbating, I've been told to focus on the ridge so I do, but nothing has happened. I generally just get an intense desire to pee, and I've been told that's to be expected. Do you have any tips on ways to get closer or what to mess around with?"

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The feeling of having to pee will happen that is normal.  Have you not had any orgasm yet?  Clitoral or g-spot?  A g-spot orgasm will take time to achieve through masturbation.  I would suggest using something other than your hands (buy a toy) to help you.  If not, prop yourself up using pillows, this will help your fingers get deeper than lying down.  For clitoral orgasms, rub it in a circular motion using one or two fingers, to add extra stimulus you can also play with your breasts/nipples while doing either method of masturbation.  Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask again if none of these suggestions help you.

"I'm pretty overweight, and I haven't had sex yet. I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 months now and he's hinted several times at wanting to sleep together. I've never been naked in front of everyone before and I'm scared he'll think I'm gross. Cause yeah he likes me even though I'm fat but that's cause I do my hair and wear cute clothes, but without all that stuff I have stretch marks and my boobs aren't exactly the perkiest. I don't know what to do :/"

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Do not worry about it.  Unless you wear baggy clothes all the time then he has a pretty good idea of your body shape, and to be blunt if you are over weight than having stretch marks is something he can assume (no offense intended there).  You do not have to be over weight to have them, many women get them on their sides and thighs without being “fat”.  It is nothing to be embaressed about.  If you are that self concious about being naked in front of him I suggest you work your way up to it.  Show a little more each time until you are comfortable.  Since you are a virgin he knows you do not get naked for just anyone and instead of judging you he will appreciate your trust in him.  Good luck.